Welcome to FolioInspo, where we curate a selection of top-notch portfolio websites chosen for their quality and creativity. Dive in, get inspired, and elevate your portfolio with these exceptional examples.

profile photo of a creative to demonstrate peoples portfolios being submittedprofile photo of a creative to demonstrate peoples portfolios being submittedprofile photo of a creative to demonstrate peoples portfolios being submittedprofile photo of a creative to demonstrate peoples portfolios being submitted

Tired of scrolling through the endless web looking for standout portfolios? So were we. FolioInspo, founded in 2024 by Simon Fairhurst, is here to change the game. We've gathered killer examples of designer portfolios all in one spot, so you can skip the search and get straight to the good stuff. No fluff, just a straightforward source for your next big idea. Dive in and let your creativity run wild – FolioInspo's got your back.


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We’re still growing our community but are super excited with the amount we’ve achieved so far. Help us grow by sharing our content on social media, and watch out for us dropping inspirational shout-outs on out main channels LinkedIn and Twitter.

What we're looking for

This isn’t just an archive of all portfolios, this is a collection of only the best portfolios out there. We’re looking for the portfolios that stand out, the ones that feel unique, and the most awesome experiences and interactions.

Our mission is to curate the best list of the most inspirational portfolios available, and allow the people who host them to shout about their work. That’s why our review process is pretty strict, to ensure only the best portfolios are showcased.

We only submit digital website portfolios on FolioInspo. No downloadable PDFs or documents, they all have to be digital and work across Desktop Tablet and Mobile devices.

Our list includes portfolios from people in any creative industry, whether it’s web design, development, UX design, photography, copywriting, entertainment, performance, film direction, art direction, illustration and so much more.

We hope to have a curated list of 1,000’s of portfolios, at hand for anyone who is looking to spark new ideas and feel inspired.


It’s totally free to submit your website, but we do go through a vigorous approval process, therefore submitting doesn’t actually guarantee a featured spot. If your portfolio is successful, expect a shout-out from us on our channels!

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or email us at hello@folioinspo.com


This website is intended to be a free-for-all curation of inspiration whenever you need it.If you enjoy the website or have found it helpful, please consider donating just to help cover the hosting costs - Thanks in advance!

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Frequently asked questions

How do I submit my website?

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Head on over to our submission button, or email your submission to us at hello@folioinspo.com. Please include a URL link to your portfolio.

What are the prices and fees?

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It's completely FREE to submit your portfolio to be featured on FolioInspo. No hidden costs or sneaky sign ups. We don't want that from FolioInspo, we only want a helpful resource for creatives who are looking for portfolio inspiration.

What are the requirements?

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We only feature digital portfolios on FolioInspo, meaning it has to be a digital platform/website and has to work responsively across Desktop, Tablet and Mobile devices. 

We do not accept PDF or printed format portfolios.

We do not accept portfolios built using templates. We are looking for unique experiences and portfolios that really stand out.

How are websites reviewed?

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Our Founder Simon Fairhurst reviews submissions via Desktop Tablet and Mobile devices across multiple browsers (Chrome, Safari, Arc, etc.).

Websites are judged based on look and feel, overall user experience and general creativity and uniqueness. 

Simon has over 15 years of experience running design teams and is well equipped to review portfolios and web experiences.

How long does the review and approval take?

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Submitting your portfolio does not guarantee that it will be approved to be featured on FolioInspo. We're currently experiencing a big increase in portfolio submissions, so please bear with us to get through them all.

Keep an eye out on our social channels (LinkedIn and Twitter) - if your portfolio is successful we will give you a shout-out!

Good luck!

Can I edit my entry once submitted?

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Not a problem, just drop us an email at hello@folioinspo.com and explain what changes need to be made.

My website has changed since submitted?

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If your portfolio website drastically changes from the thumbnail displayed on FolioInspo, you will need to submit your newly updated portfolio as a new submission and it will need to be re-reviewed for approval to be featured on FolioInspo.

Where do all of the portfolios come from?

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We display a range of portfolios from multiple sources.
1. People who submit their own portfolios
2. People who have recommended other peoples portfolios.
3. Portfolios we've seen online via Social media or by our own research.

We want to be as open and authentic as possible on FolioInspo, and our mission is to create a collection of truly inspirational portfolios.